Saying Goodbye to Free Pet Poems

Hi dear furry friend lovers, I just want to thank each and every one of you for your visits and comments since this page was started. It seems this season of my life is over. I will not be taking anymore requests for free pet poems. I hope you understand. This page will be left open as I may still post other subjects from time to time. God bless you all, and I pray that He dries any tears that are still falling because of your loss/es, very soon. May you draw strength from His comfort. Liana.


Memories (Rachel).jpg

For Rachel …

M oving here and moving there with my buddy Last, you loved cod liver oil; and giving many high fives together with your love, me, you did spoil
E verywhere I went with Rex, you would survey the situation (no matter how long); then communicate with me and tell me when others were wrong
M ax, so very cuddly, you were my sweet provider; sadly one day though, you were bitten by a spider
O ptel, although unwanted and abandoned by my gate, you came and filled my life, my heart; becoming one of our family, until the day we had to part
R ex’s mom, Liefie, so very protective of me, until you were homed with another Jack Russell; your mothering skills were so beautiful, you looked after them so well
I remember Boomer, with your curly, pale fur, you stayed with me when I needed a friend; but I had to leave you in the kennels, and so sad we both were
E ach and every one of you, have meant so much to me; for each and every season, you were where you were meant to be
S uch beautiful memories and I’m sure I’ll have many more; I must mention Tosca here, ’cause you were my sister’s dog, and me also, did you adore



For Rachel … With love from Romeo.

R omeo, my sweet little puppy, I miss your daily comfort; and even though your heart was big, sadly your life was short
O n most mornings, you’d come inside for a back scratch and a piece of toast; that in turn made me wonder, which one you loved the most
M any games you excelled at; but playing tug of war was best; you’d bring your toys to me, and with them we would wrest
E very time I was upset, you’d be right by my side; you always healed my heart, and be there when I cried
O nly a few months old, sadly you left after being caught in a fight; I want you to know, dear Romeo, you were my shining knight



For Rachel Anne … With love from Bunny.

B unny, my gorgeous bunny, you were but three years old; when precious life was cut so short and you, I could no longer hold
U ntil then, my dearest friend, you brought me so much love; you looked at me with those beautiful almond eyes, and the gentleness of a dove
N ow all I have is the memory of all your great adventures; a little explorer, that you were, as your face, within my heart, it stirs
N ever tiring of seeing your fur change into different shades of black; oh! Bunny, even though you were so small, your love for me showed no lack
Y es, you are gone; but some good has come from all this sadness; I’ve written “The Experience of Pet Loss” in honour of your braveness

Boo Boo


For Rachel and her landlady … With love from Boo Boo.

B oo Boo, my landlady’s precious furry friend, oh! how you loved those pancakes; I can only imagine how excited you were, when you smelled those yummy bakes
O ld, and struggling to move at times, you could still be like a pup; especially in those moments when, I’d go and pick the post up
O utside the window you would talk and ask for some bread; you were the bestest watch dog, of that truth it sure could be said

B oo Boo, you’d still run and jump, it wasn’t always easy; watching me, my every move, you could sometimes be so cheeky
O nly you could think of this, you’d somehow open my gate; next thing, I’d look up and you’d be in my flat, you just couldn’t wait
O ne sad night, you called to us, to let us know that you were going; please know that you touched so many hearts, fond memories will replace our grieving



For Rachel … With love from Kleintjie.

K leintjie, you have left a space none other can fill; and I don’t know if another ever can or will
L ove was your middle name; and a piece of our love went with you, I have memories; but it’s never the same
E very time I was feeling down, you comforted me; and the abundance of your love was enough, to give so tenderly
I nstinctively, though you were small; your sweet, sweet nature, was the biggest of all
N ot only towards me; but to all who were struggling; no truer friend has ever been to me, such a blessing
T hrough ten long years since you were a pup; your daily antics would lift me up
J ust as you cared so devotedly, for your little ones; a beautiful mother you were to them, all of your daughters and sons
I n protective love, you’d guard the gate, and bark each time we had company; then you’d run and run, run until you found me
E verywhere I went, you were my loyal companion; and everyone just loved you, the cutest little attraction



For Tara … With love from Tiggah.

T iggah, in your five long years, you blessed my life for twelve short weeks; and your beautiful markings gave a perfect name match for all of your furry streaks
I n my time of need, when a close friend was truly desired; you never left my side and strengthened me, when I was so very tired
G ifted with a purrfect personality, loving, faithful and caring; not to mention, so courageous, and generous with your sharing
G iving me hope, your presence such a comfort; your cuddles and your hugs, they lessened my discomfort
A nd now you’re no longer with me, times spent together, I’m so grateful for; and will always remember, you stayed close by in love, and not as a chore
H olding you for such a little while, still left a lasting memory; thank you dear sweet Tiggah, in my heart, a treasure you’ll always be

Snuggles & Scar (& Bruno & Smokey)



For Lesia … With love from Snuggles and Scar (and Bruno and Smokey).

S nuggles, my fuzzy, furry friend, you blessed my life, more than you could ever know; since you were a tiny five weeks old, til the time that you had to go
N ever one to live alone, you and your buddies, Bruno and Smokey played; running and chasing each other, none of you afraid
U ntil you were able, Bruno would jump upon your back; you’d look at me, I’d say “Get him” and off you’d go, close behind on his tail and track
G reat company you were, as across fifty states we journeyed; spending all of our time together, your love fulfilling my need
G iving you little treats, I miss so very much; just like telling you to be a good boy, till mommy would be home, at a certain time such and such
L etting you play hide and seek with me, I’d hide, you’d always come alooking; you’d find me, and we’d be so happy, you with much barking and yapping
E ventually you said goodbye, and the family cried many tears; even Bruno in his grief, shed doggy tears on your ears
S urely you knew how much you were loved, and daily we miss your presence; oh! Snuggs, my darling one, nothing can fill your one-of-a-kind absence


S car, you were a little kitten, injured when I found you, so sad; I nursed you back to health, and you became the best cat I’ve ever had
C ontent to spend your time outside, just coming in to eat; now that you too have left, there’s one more pawprint on my heart, leaving memories so sweet
A lways I’ll cherish you, you and dear old Snuggs; you were so very precious, I sure do miss the hugs
R emember, I’ll never forget you, you brightened up my days; I’ll keep your names firmly planted, where my hope and happiness lays